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Rules & Regulations

Adopted @ the July 13, 2011

Revised August 10, 2011, & June 12, 2012


The Boynton Beach Fishing Club's (BBFC) Fishing Team will consist of up to four (4) anglers per tournament   All participants must be in good standings with the Club and be properly licensed or exempt under the Florida FWC Regulations.


A)   The boat used must be safe, seaworthy and conform to all maritime laws.  It will be the responsibility of the boat's captain to ensure the boats condition/status to the Board of Directors (Executive Board) prior to any tournament. 


B)  The initial fishing Team will participate in tournaments at the descretion of the Executive Board of the Club. 


C)  The fishing Team will be selected by the Executive Board of the Club. 


D)  All members selected to fish a tournament must (1) attend all Captains meetings and other events staged by the tournament directors, wearing the Boynton Beach Fishing Team Shirts and hats, and (2) abide by all the rules of the BBFC and the tournament.


E)   It must be expressly understood that all liability will be assumed by the participating fishing team members themselfes and thereby hold the Boynton Beach Fishing Club, its members, officers and directors completely harmless. 


F)  The Boynton Beach Fishing Club will be responsible for the entry fee to each tournament up to $250.00 per tournament.  All other expenses such as tackle, fuel, bait, ice, launching fees, food and beverages, etc. will be the sole responsibly of the Fishing Team. 


G)  Upon placing "in the money" at any tournament, the BBFC will be reimbursed first, for the entry fee and receive the Trophy and or Plaque which will be displayed to the membership and the public.  Any additional monies and or prizes will be distributed equally to the participating fishing team(s). 


H All activities and financial arrangements must be approved by the Executive Board in advance, and be on notice to the membership at the general meeting.