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Fishing & Boating Etiquette

Our club is built on a fraternity with responsibility to our families, community and each other.  If you are lucky enough to go fishing with a member who has a boat, at the very minimum consider the boating etiquette as stated below and you might get invited back:

  1. Take the initiative and contact the boat owner (captain) and establish a meeting time and place.

  2. Ask what you can bring, e.g. pole, tackle, fillet knives, food, cooler and drink.  Remember, the boat has limited storage capacity.  If you have special equipment, e.g. downriggers, trolling lures or rods, let the captain know what you have.  He may want you to bring them.

  3. Ask the captain how the catch is going to be divided among the fishermen what fish are going to be kept and what are going to be released.  Let the captain know how much of the catch you could take home.  Your catch and release would be governed on how much of the catch the fishermen plan to take home.

  4. Do not take any alcoholic beverages unless permitted by the captain.  Ask first.

  5. Be on time.  The captain considers the state of the water, tides, winds and sunlight when planning a fishing trip.

  6.   If the boat is to be launched from a trailer, take an active role and be there early enough to help launch the boat.

  7. Wear appropriate gear - in particular proper foot wear.  Black soled shoes (rubber type) are difficult to clean from the boat's deck.  Therefore, do not wear black soled shoes.  If rain is in the forecast bring along your rain gear - a poncho would do.

  8. Help clean and fillet the catch.

  9. Share in the cost of the trip, i.e. chip in for fuel, bait, etc.  Consider the real "total cost" which is composed of the boat loan payments, maintenance upkeep, insurance, gas, bait, and oil.  Be generous in your contribution to the trip.

  10. Help clean the boat.  It takes time and energy to clean the boat.  Ask the captain where he plans to clean the boat and be there.  Take whatever time is necessary to get it clean enough for the captain's liking.