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October 11, 2015
Pete LoMuto & Ken Sorensen
Caught a few fish off the
 Palm Beach Inlet

Best said: It was a beautiful day.
It beats working.
1 August 27, 2015
Nick & Ray Base
Fishing on their boat (DJ2)
Caught these 2 huge Muttons
One 18" and the other 2
August 2015
Nick Base caught this
Peacock Bass
in canals around Boynton Beach


June 20, 2015
Ray Base caught a 25lb 7oz
African Pompano
on  his boat DJ2

1  June 19, 2015
Debbie Base caught a
Huge Jolt Head Porgy
7lb 13oz
On the Afternoon Trip
 of the "Living on Island Time"

1  May 15, 2015
Club Drift Boat Trip
Harold Silvers with a big King, and
Joe Deithorn 2 smaller kings>

Great Night of Fishing
1 December 10, 2014
Ray Base Caught this
13lb African Pompano
Aboard the Island Time
1 September 26 2014
Debbie & Ray Base
Had a great day fishing
Sebastion Inlet.
Debbie with a 42" Redfish, and
Ray with a 39" Redfish
1 August 2014
Hal Bryan & Spouse
"Chip's Ahoy"
with a great catch
1  July 2014
Debbie Base caught this huge
20lb Jack in the Ft. Pierce
on 12lb spinning gear
1  June 28, 2014
Ray Base's fishing team caught this
8.5lb Dolphin in 800 feet of water
out of the Boynton Beach inlet &
won 2nd place at our Tournament
June 13, 2014
Ray Base caught this 12.2lb Jack Carville
on the Boynton City beach.  It took 20 minutes and 150 yards of beach to land him.
June 8, 2014
6 Club Members Fished the Southern Comfort
Caught Many Snappers and Randy  caught a nice 13lb Cobia
Debbie Base Caught a Huge King just outside the Boynton Inlet on their boat the "DJ2".
June 2013
Mike Davis caught two great eating Dolphin just before Easter. Mike

Jack's son - Jack Williams III

Look at this monster freshwater fish.
Jack weighed this Grass Carp in at 48 3/4 lbs
Caught in the morning St. Patrick's Day
March 17, 2013


A winning day for Fred! 


Another member shows us how it's done.  Fishing the Island Time December 4th - Fred Richardt caught 2 large fish.  The Dolphin won the pool. 

Who Needs a Boat?  Ray Base does it again.

Here Ray shows us a beautiful 26" Snook that he caught at the Boynton Inlet on a red jig head and CAL glow tail on it.


November 2nd - Great Fishing for Ray & Debbie Base

Ray & his wife, Debbie, had a great night fishing on the Island Time this past Friday, November 2nd.  He caught 15 keeper Yellow-Tails along with 10 shorts and 2 Lesser Amber Jacks.  Also caught were 4 sharks, a ribbon fish, & a blue runner.  The boat had 60 keeper Yellow-Tails with 8 anglers.  The Amber Jack won the pool.


New Member Steven Schrammel


Steven is showing us how it's done with this beautiful 8lb Dolphin.  He took 2nd place in our Club Tournament held July 27th & 28th

Ray Base


Ray caught this 41 inch Jack Carvelle on the north side of Boynton inlet in the morning. It took over 20 minutes and 3 trips around the pier from inside to the outside and back in again. The Jack hit a live Threadfin on bottom.

Member Ray does it again!

Ran - 2

Ray has done it again.  He caught this King Fri night on the Island Time. Although not large at 15# it won the pool and netted him $110. 




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