Boynton Beach Fishing Club
June 25, 2010 Teach Kids Fishing
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A special Thanks to Pres. Ken Sorensen, VP Fred Richardt and his daughters Megan and Melissa, Bob and Carol Moran, Mike Davis and his daughters Shannon and Amanda, Pete Lomuto and his girl friend Julia, Joe Deithorn and his wife Ruth, Steve Krampetz, Capt. Jamie Lomeli, Tony Senzamici, and Capt. Pete Bilardello, for volunteering your time and expertise in making this event a success.

This years winners for the heaviest fish were each awarded with a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place medal and a complete rod and reel combo with line and a loaded tackle box for their efforts.
Third place went to Andrea Galvez,
Second place to Gwynne Richardson, 
First place to Ben Fadayomi.