Boynton Beach Fishing Club
January 29, 2011 Pier Fishing Tournament
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1st  place --  "large"  Haemulon plumieri - Steve Krampetz
2nd place --  "good sized" Calamus proridens - Joe Deithorn
3rd  place --  (ABC)* Lagodon rhomboides - Steve Slomiak

Steve's Report:  

It was cool, crisp, sunny day for the January 2011 "Fish the Pier" tournament. Fish were all around. Large schools of Sheepshead, Spanish Mackerel and about 8 five foot Black Tip Sharks greeted us at the end of the pier. The cooler than normal weather and a few personal issues resulted in only 8 hardy BBFC anglers trying their luck for the top 3 awards. Lots of fish were caught by "Pier Regulars" and club members. A young fisherman caught a beautiful 20 lb + Cobia. We had time between catches to enjoy hot coffee and donuts and each others company. Though no real "big" fish were caught by club members, we all had a good time and enjoyed a morning of getting our lines wet.