Boynton Beach Fishing Club
January 30, 2010 Pier Fishing Tournament
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First place......... Capt. Jaime Lomeli - Blue Runner
Second place......... Tony Senzamici - Blue Runner
Third place......... Fred Richardt - Cow Fish
Junior Angler......... Melissa Richardt - Grunt

Special "The one that got away Award"
Joe Deithorn for the what should have been the winning fish,
a big Barracuda, broke off before he could lift it onto the pier.

Go-fer Award to Dan; Capt Jaime's pal who made the long trip
to end of the pier twice, to get Capt. Jaime's fish weighed.

Honerable mention goes to Ruth Deithorn & Steve Krampetz,
whom with their efforts fed the fish quite well so
the next time the fish will be bigger.