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Our club was formed in the early 1980's or before as many have told us.  We have some Pictures that indicate it could go back to the 1940's. We know it was called a "Boat Club" at one time, and that the Name was Changed to the  Boynton Inlet Fishing Club (BIFC) so that the City of Boynton Beach would allow us to use the Clubhouse, more commonly known as the Coast Guard Auxiliary Building.   We believe the Park was named Boat Club Ramp Park for that reason.  It's believed that the City has let us use the Clubhouse at the Boynton Ramp Park for more than 25 years.  The Club was not Incorporated until
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2003 as a Non Profit  501c7 Corporation, in order to protect and preserve the club.  The club has been enjoyed for many years by anglers in Boynton Beach area.  We Changed the Name to the Boynton Beach Fishing Club in 2007 to make it easier to find us on the internet, as well as, clarify that we don't just fish the inlet, which some said the name implied

We continue to promote Safe Responsible Ecological Fishing and Boating Practices and enjoy Sport Fishing and Wildlife Conservation.  We are open to all types of fishing among people of all ages and levels of experience from novice to professional.  While most of our members have experience in saltwater fishing, many of us are avid freshwater anglers as well.  Many of our members own boats, but many do not.  This is a great club to join to learn more about fishing as we typically have U.S.C.G. Professional Charter Captains who take others fishing for a living, as well as, Scientist, Conservationists, even fishing show hosts and others with a story to tell about fishing. 

The club is open to all beginners and experienced anglers as long as they have a good attitude and love to fish.  We hold our Social Meeting on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm in the Club House, as well as, having regular fishing outings, in-house tournaments, and in the not too distant future, an open fishing tournament.  We publish a newsletter monthly.

Our monthly meeting is open to all, membership is not required to attend, so come out to a meeting or two and decide for yourself.  Our meetings are very informal.  Meetings usually consists of  a few short announcements, followed by a discussion by invited guests and speakers on a wide range of topics.    We are a 100% Volunteer Club.  We have No Paid Staff.  

We invite you to come meet us, participate in a discussion, and exchange some ideas.  If you like what you see, we invite you to join our club.

Watch our web site www.bifc.org for information on upcoming events & guest speakers. We have some of the most informed speakers in the area.  Plus, club tournaments and outings.


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